Saturday, June 25, 2016

# 159 - IT! @ Jersey Shore Event - closing time

The next event you should hurry up to make your last shoppings from is Jersey Shore beach bling summer festival (quite a mouthful, right?) from Evil Bunny's exciting events IT! always participates to with pleasure, especially now almost all my awesome talented friends are into as well like Lushish Catz, LX Essentials, and Mutiny In Heaven, there are so many gifts, gachas and exclusive goodies from so many creators, would be a shame to miss it, and again, today is the last day you can go there, by tomorrow gates will be closed, and all that sassy summer glam will be scattered to the four winds in different stores inworld. 

That being said let's give you fast some info, and exclusives' images, so we won't waste any time:

!IT! - Ahoy Necklace 2 Image

!IT! - Ahoy Necklace 1 Image

!IT! - Summer Hat 2 Image


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