Thursday, February 25, 2016

# 91 - IT! @ Designer Circle Round 124

Hey, lovelies, a new round started at Designer Circle, and due to my last round absence (darn flu) IT! is located in another area than before (C, so you can find the vendors on the left side of the entrance), but you will still be able to chose between 6 options of an exclusive collection, like usual, this time is all about the Dazzling Dangling Necklaces.

For whom doesn't know yet Designer Circle is a great bi-weekly event setting trends in Second Life through its 50 creators gathered each round with the best offers: all products are new, exclusive, and under 200 L, it just can't get any better, right? The saleroom for fashion, accessories and decorative items in general is divided into 4 areas presented each time on the blog and covered by Seraphim
Here are additional links and info you might want to check, I'll add a few pictures below too.

SLurl: Bay/149/138/23
Facebook page:
Facebook Group:
Seraphim :

The goodies, all new exclusives of 150L each:

!IT! -  Dazzling Dangling Necklace 1 Image

!IT! -  Dazzling Dangling Necklace 2 Image

!IT! -  Dazzling Dangling Necklace 3 Image

!IT! -  Dazzling Dangling Necklace 4 Image

!IT! -  Dazzling Dangling Necklace 5 Image

!IT! -  Dazzling Dangling Necklace 6 Image


# 90 - IT! @ Flower Power Fair

They say that when it rains it pours, I couldn't agree more, I know I'm overwhelming you with last minute info of all these wonderful events, but they are worth it, and the one that takes the cake is Flower Power Fair, organized beautifully by We Do SL Events.

Needless to say it's all about flowers and hippie anything and everything, yes, you can find from hair to poses, there are about 109 creators bringing you spring earlier in the most beautiful creations, it's a dreamy event with gifts,exclusives,discounts, and gachas, don't trust me, go and see for yourself, just hurry up, last call is on 26th of February, not that much time left.

I will add below info, images of the place, my exclusives which this time are quite a few, ohh and the gift is a surprise, grab it before it's too late. :)

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 13 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 14 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 15 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 16 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 17 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 18 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 19 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 20 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 21 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 22 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 23 Image

!IT! -  Pearliffic Necklace 24 Image






# 89 - IT! @ Swank for the 50 Shades Of Red event

New month, new Swank round, of course, only this February is full of surprises, and soon you will understand what I mean. I told you before about their collaboration with Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM Agency) and ModeLS Magazine , plus the fashion show at the beginning of every month, as you can see in the pictures here, but from now on they also teamed up with some of my awesome girls from We Love To Blog group, and that's not all, the size of this event is over twice of the previous rounds, yes, might be the biggest monthly event in Second Life, since it lines up over 100 designers.

What can you find at Swank till the end of this month? Without false modesty a plethora of the best designers of the moment with gifts and exclusive goodies under 300L, all made to fit the theme of this round revolving around passion and love, and called "50 Shades Of Red" (I know the name brings wicked smiles on your faces :D).

The other surprise is men are welcomed to buy for themselves from now on, yes, more and more creators will have things for guys too, me included, so I broke the ice this month with a separate booth for you, demos included and all, and rumor is guys almost never shop for themselves, let's prove them wrong. Btw I'm open for suggestions in this department since I'm a bit clueless, therefore don't be too harsh with my male avi, it doesn't even look like the man of my dreams. :)

I'm adding below my exclusives, gift and info, with the specification that huds' options for parts of the products from the same collections are interlinked, which means if taking the example below I have both Adorable 1 and 6, and I want to wear the red beads and black bow I can easily use hud no.1 for the beads and hud no. 6 for the bow to get my desired result, and this is applicable to all my products for each specific collection.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

# 88 - IT! @ Truth Or Dare Affair Event (TODA)

As I mentioned in the past, one of my favorite organizers and managers of events are Allie Munro and her team you might know under the name "Evil Bunny" either for hunts or big events, and I am proud I never skipped one event so far, they all have been wonderful experiences, therefore it shouldn't be a surprise IT! is part of the latest called "Truth Or Dare Affair", or shortly TODA.

Sounds like a challenge, huh? I'm on the side of the Truth this time along with my friends (Kay, Tympany and KamieK), but I Dare you to pay a visit to the location, you won't regret it. :) There are over 80 designers gathered for this event, each offering 10L gifts, exclusives, the latest deals, and gacha goodies, all on one of the 2 sides, either nice and sweet for the truth or sexy and provocative on the dare side, it's something for everyone, and this will last till 27th of February, which gives you just a few more days to shop till you drop.

I will add below all the info you need, my exclusive and my gift along with a few images of the store there.

!IT! - Entwined Set Image

!IT! - Sassy Diamonds Image