Friday, February 19, 2016

# 83 - IT! @ On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair

I know we all love gacha, those darn tiny machines filled with precious little things which are teasing us to play over and over again, till every single linden is spent, only this time it's not exactly about love, rather what happens after it's gone or if it never comes.

On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair this month has as theme the other side of the notorious celebration of Valentine's day, and it's called Bitter Love. I picked it for the fun of the theme first, then I freaked out realizing the potential of the whole thing, after all there are so many things that can go wrong in love. Unfortunately it happen at the exact time when my computer gave me headaches, and I was down with cold too, so I didn't have the time to make something a bit more sophisticated, instead I made something simple that will speak for itself: a collection of necklaces in 3 different gacha machines which for 35L each will try to cover all range of emotions and troubles involved, and oh my gosh how bitter they are, even with the fun twist I tried to give them. That being said I will add info and images for you to get the idea, hoping you won't need them much:

!IT! - Bitter Love Necklace 1 Image

!IT! - Bitter Love Necklace 2 Image

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