Friday, February 19, 2016

# 81 - Vintage Valentine Hunt

I will give you quite a run for goodies these days, because as you could see already I got quite busy, and for some time I didn't get to even tell you with what, so here as promised I'm going to add shortly where and what you can find from IT!

I mentioned 2 hunts in January, so here they are.
First is named Vintage Valentine, started on February the 1st and it will last till 29th, the prize you can see below comes in two forms: you are looking for a rose well hidden (Hint: Well, aren't you the lucky one) you can get for 1L, or if you don't have the time to hunt and want the prize badly you can buy it for 25L from that rose near the info board of the hunt (the right wall from the main entrance). There's also a path to smooth things a bit, so it's not that hard to find the following:

Website   Prizes  

!IT! - Two Heats Necklace Image

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