Thursday, February 25, 2016

# 89 - IT! @ Swank for the 50 Shades Of Red event

New month, new Swank round, of course, only this February is full of surprises, and soon you will understand what I mean. I told you before about their collaboration with Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM Agency) and ModeLS Magazine , plus the fashion show at the beginning of every month, as you can see in the pictures here, but from now on they also teamed up with some of my awesome girls from We Love To Blog group, and that's not all, the size of this event is over twice of the previous rounds, yes, might be the biggest monthly event in Second Life, since it lines up over 100 designers.

What can you find at Swank till the end of this month? Without false modesty a plethora of the best designers of the moment with gifts and exclusive goodies under 300L, all made to fit the theme of this round revolving around passion and love, and called "50 Shades Of Red" (I know the name brings wicked smiles on your faces :D).

The other surprise is men are welcomed to buy for themselves from now on, yes, more and more creators will have things for guys too, me included, so I broke the ice this month with a separate booth for you, demos included and all, and rumor is guys almost never shop for themselves, let's prove them wrong. Btw I'm open for suggestions in this department since I'm a bit clueless, therefore don't be too harsh with my male avi, it doesn't even look like the man of my dreams. :)

I'm adding below my exclusives, gift and info, with the specification that huds' options for parts of the products from the same collections are interlinked, which means if taking the example below I have both Adorable 1 and 6, and I want to wear the red beads and black bow I can easily use hud no.1 for the beads and hud no. 6 for the bow to get my desired result, and this is applicable to all my products for each specific collection.

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