Wednesday, February 24, 2016

# 88 - IT! @ Truth Or Dare Affair Event (TODA)

As I mentioned in the past, one of my favorite organizers and managers of events are Allie Munro and her team you might know under the name "Evil Bunny" either for hunts or big events, and I am proud I never skipped one event so far, they all have been wonderful experiences, therefore it shouldn't be a surprise IT! is part of the latest called "Truth Or Dare Affair", or shortly TODA.

Sounds like a challenge, huh? I'm on the side of the Truth this time along with my friends (Kay, Tympany and KamieK), but I Dare you to pay a visit to the location, you won't regret it. :) There are over 80 designers gathered for this event, each offering 10L gifts, exclusives, the latest deals, and gacha goodies, all on one of the 2 sides, either nice and sweet for the truth or sexy and provocative on the dare side, it's something for everyone, and this will last till 27th of February, which gives you just a few more days to shop till you drop.

I will add below all the info you need, my exclusive and my gift along with a few images of the store there.

!IT! - Entwined Set Image

!IT! - Sassy Diamonds Image





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