Friday, July 3, 2015

# 3

 New week, new hunts and offers, take full advantage as long as they last :)


1. EnMESHed Into Summer Hunt - 0 L  still going, you have two more weeks to enjoy it.
(15th of June to 15th of July)
Prizes (each one at another floor):

2. The Beached Bunny Hunt 5 - 1 L starts tomorrow
(3rd of July to 31st of July)

Upcoming hunts: Fashion Play and I am waiting for another confirmation soon, it will be a surprise.

Weekly Sales: as usual all new releases are discounted for various events / sales :

1. 45 Linden Sales - every Thursday up to next week's midnight Wednesday another round with brand new offers. You can hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, please keep in mind some will give discounts for Thursday's only. This time till 08th of July midnight :

2. My 60L secret Sales - starting each Friday up to next Monday midnight, same rules apply, only you have less time, so better be quick to grab those goodies! This round till 6th of July midnight:


Hope everyone is enjoying this weekend!

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