Friday, July 24, 2015

# 6

Hi lovelies, this week I have a couple of surprises, hope you will enjoy them :)


1. Crazy for Kawaii - 1 L and just started
(23rd of July to 12th of August)

2. The Beached Bunny Hunt 5 - 1 L still going
(3rd of July to 31st of July)

Upcoming hunts: Fashion Play and another surprise yet - Kawaii Sweets hunt plus enMESHed into Fall.

Weekly Sales: a few new releases and discounts for various events / sales :

1. 45 Linden Sales - every Thursday up to next week's midnight Wednesday another round with brand new offers. You can hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, please keep in mind some will give discounts for Thursday's only. This time till 29th of July midnight :

2. My 60L secret Sales - starting each Friday up to next Monday midnight, same rules apply, only you have less time, so better be quick to grab those goodies! This round till 27th of July midnight:


Don't forget to send me a blog application if you are interested, here are the requirements:

*** I expect you to have graphic knowledge, I encourage editing the pictures, but i prefer less or total lack of editing for the products. 

** i have nothing against a generous cleavage, but big butts, gaps between the legs, heavy accessorized outfits are not going to help. Yes, fantasy avis are welcomed, originality is encouraged

* Quality over quantity - I need one up to three pictures per week, but if you are that good at what you are doing, and your time is limited, even one picture a month will be accepted.

For those interested please make a notecard with the following title  Blogger Application - (your name) and send it to me (Aneanu Resident) after you fill in the following:
Blogger Form Application

Calling card:




Feeds (please list below as many as you have):



Experience: (tell me a bit about who you worked/are working with/for, when did you start blogging, how often can you add an entry)


Thank you for your interest !

Have a great weekend everyone!

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