Monday, January 18, 2016

# 64 - New Year, new surprises

Happy 2016 my lovelies, hope everyone had a blast during holidays, I know I surely did, and now let's make from 2016 some kind of a spring break, shall we? :)

Unfortunately on the blog I skipped a few events due to the holiday frenzy and a couple of technical problems (gotta love SL updates), there are still plenty of things to fix with my own computer, but let's be optimistic, because there are even more events coming, and soon love will be in the air (for those who couldn't feel it already), flowers will be in bloom, the store will look different, unicorns will fly above us, and we shall see rainbows as often as taxes - I'm kidding with half the stuff, but of course, the part with the unicorns and rainbows is true :)

Among the things I didn't get to mention here were quite a few rounds of Designer Circle, Color Me Project, first Alchemy round, Frosty cart sale, and 2nd  Gazebos on Ice Fair and Gachas, hunts like Let It Snow, plus a little change for vendors: store credit and gift cards are enabled now, in fact I will show you below exactly how those little bundles of joy look like, and keep in mind for group members upstairs in store under Group Gifts there's a free gift card of 500L waiting to be collected and used :

Gift Card 150

Gift Card 250

Gift Card 500

Gift Card 1000

Gift Card 2500

I will cover below a few events to come in February (with one exception), and in future posts the currently running events IT! is involved into, plus the weekly sales. So events to come:

- re-current : 

- other events:

- hunts:

* XOXO                 

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