Friday, January 29, 2016

# 73 - IT! @ Designer Circle Round 122

For about half a year now IT! has been involved into one of the top events in Second Life I keep skipping to mention on this blog, hoping I will have the time to present it properly, and give credits to the amazing Sannita who was the one that initiated and made it possible, trying to cheer up a new creator to whom not many doors were opening to at that time, by recommending and introducing me to our wonderful organizer JaneDark Miles who took a leap of faith into IT!'s potential and welcomed me to the team. A huge Thank You ladies, I hope I will never disappoint you! :)

And since there might be some of you who don't know anything of this event, I will provide a bit of information to understand what I'm talking about.

Designer Circle is a great bi-weekly event setting trends in Second Life through its 50 creators gathered each round with the best offers: all products are new, exclusive, and under 200 L, it just can't get any better, right? The saleroom for fashion, accessories and decorative items in general is divided into 4 areas presented each time on the blog and covered by Seraphim
Here are additional links and info you might want to check, I'll add a few pictures below too.

SLurl: Bay/149/138/23
Facebook page:
Facebook Group:
Seraphim :

And since this is the 122nd round here's what you will be able to find until 6th of February, with the mention that IT! was always to be found in Area A :

!IT! - Sovereign Set 2 Image

!IT! - Sovereign Set 3 Image

!IT! - Sovereign Set 4 Image

!IT! - Sovereign Set 5 Image

!IT! - Sovereign Set 6 Image

!IT! - Sovereign Set 7 Image



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