Monday, March 7, 2016

# 95 - IT! @ Hipster Fair

Hi, lovelies, today is your last chance to dive into the core of the hipster universe, and say that you have those goodies before they got popular. What am I talking about? Only the biggest event on this theme, called "Hipster Fair" that takes place once a year, and it happens to be at its 3rd edition (woot?), but shhh!!!

Come on over, bring your friends you want to impress with your taste and skills to find those original things that make a difference in one's life, and be sure to tell them some of the best things in life are free, like the gifts of this event scattered all over the place, along with some incredible offers in discounted boxes, and not only, and of course the exclusives, which will add a plus to your unique personal style. It's your lucky day too, since the place is filled with gacha machines, so I hope you will enjoy the trip into our urban jungle!!!

IT!'s contribution, starting with the exclusives (Keep Calm & Triangles sets), gift (2 sized rings x 2 to mach the sets) and location:

!IT! -  Keep Calm & Triangles Set 1 Image

!IT! -  Keep Calm & Triangles Set 2 Image

!IT! -  Keep Calm & Triangles Set 3 Image

!IT! -  Keep Calm & Triangles Rings Image

The Hipster Fair 20160







The Hipster Fair 2015

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