Wednesday, May 18, 2016

# 136 - IT! @ Color Me Project - Colors Of Power

Hi lovelies, today I am inviting you to a new splash of colors, this time the ones kings and queens are made of : those of power, meaning gold, lust and charcoal.
Color Me Project, as usual, is offering you many gorgeous discounted goodies from about 20 designers, mines are 50% off, of course, and there's always a gift waiting for you right on the info board, I wouldn't want to miss the one from this round if I were you, so make some time to visit the location in order to get them, and do it fast since 19th of May is the last day for this round.

I'll add below the image of the 3 vendors I have there, of course vendors are loaded with discounted items, from 50 to 125 lindens, so enjoy scrolling them, make your picks and shopping!!!!

Website   SLurl   Seraphim  

For the gift you just need to add CMP Group to get it, joining is free.

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