Wednesday, May 4, 2016

# 125 - Fifty5 Thursdays Discounts

Hey lovelies, I'm starting this month later than ever due to real life great events plus, what do you know, on the 1st of May it was finally Easter here (yup, we orthodox people are always late :D), needless to say it implied tons of cooking, calling family and friends, and visiting many of them, and as much as I enjoyed all that please let's not do it again till the winter season.:)

Late is my new computer too, so we will all have to bear, and be stuck with what I can do so far with my old piece of junk, which won't be little considering the amount of events for this month, for these 2 next weeks even.

Well, loads of time was already wasted, I'll get straight to the point now: the weekly discounts almost reaching deadline, you have time till tomorrow to grab this round of Fifty5 Thursdays, if you didn't already, each of the three for 60L as usual, from the same Shania collection, former Designer Circle exclusives.

Fifty5 Thursdays - this weekly sale starts at 7AM every Thursdays, through Sunday, some designers (like me) keep it going the whole week, during which in every location listed you will find one or more items for sale between 55L and 100L, just look for the Fifty5 Thursday subscriber, or footsteps on the floors to find them. Join Fashion Alert / Fifty5 Thursday group to get the list every week, or subscribe on subscribers from any location, or even check on the site for products and SLurls. This time till 4th of May midnight, all three for 60L each:

!IT! - Shania Necklace 7 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 8 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 9 Image

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