Thursday, April 28, 2016

# 124 - IT! @ The Dark Side Event

Following the same alluring opposites brought together theme as Truth or Dare Affair Event, and managed by the same amazing team (Evil Bunny Productions), Dark Side Event gathers for a few more day angels and demons, good and bad, innocent and kinky in the same location the previous events took place, with a distinctive and impressive setting (you might want to take a selfie with the Reaper), a multitude of stores on one of the two sides: angelic or demonic, where creators are offering each a 10L product, plus tempting discounts and wonderful exclusives, just look for the specific labels of either white or black wings to find them.

If that is not enough to convince you, I dare you to take a walk to the gachas cemetery, yup, you read that right, each tomb is your chance to resurrect your winning spirit. Just keep in mind this underworld is closing its gates on 30th of April, so hurry up!!!

IT! is participating along with a few friends like Lushish Catz, Mutiny in Heaven and LX Essentials, so personally this event is a double pleasure. I'll add below my exclusive, gift and of course, info first:

Seraphim wings collar illustration

!IT! - Seraphim Wings Collar Image


!IT! - Winged Hearts Earrings Image

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