Thursday, April 7, 2016

# 111 - InspirationSL, Shania Twain round

 "I'm here to inspire. There is no age limit to that."
Shania Twain

Hello my candy-dolls,

in the past year it became a custom not only to stick to a few regular events, and participate in most of the big events around Second Life, but also discover new ones and give it a try if they look interesting and IT! is welcomed to them, so one of the new events and among the great surprises this year for me was InspirationSL, a unique luxurious shopping event with four rounds only in a year, each round lasting for three weeks, and using as theme / inspiration source an amazing personality / celebrity for the variety of exclusive creations you can find here, this time till 10th of April and gathering 22 designers.

And no great event can deny its visitors one of the most loved perks: the gifts, therefore every 100th visitor receives 3 gifts from one of the participating creators, so the more, the merrier.

It's been a creator's job to inspire the world, either a painter, a musician, an architect, a fashion or interior designer and so on, creative minds always strive to leave behind their work in the shape of a muse for human kind, and many of them manage to touch us in ways sometimes we can't even explain.

Certainly since the beginning of time one of the most powerful sources of inspiration was, is, and will always be the music, no wonder we name some of its artists "idols", that is how far their power extend, and as per the above intro quote one of them is Shania Twain, so it shouldn't come as a surprise this round our beautiful muse is the queen of country pop herself.

I will add below as always info and images with my exclusives named "Shania", of course:

!IT! - Shania Necklace 1 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 2 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 3 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 4 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 5 Image

!IT! - Shania Necklace 6 Image

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