Tuesday, April 19, 2016

# 118 - IT! @You ♥ Gatcha Event

Hi lovelies, this time I am going to rush you to a soon to be close event round where any gacha addict feels like reaching cloud number 9, not only for the multitude of the gacha machines all over the place, but for that dreamy decor set up by the marvelous organizers behind this beautiful monthly event called You ♥Gatcha.

Since tomorrow is the last day of this first round (01-20 each month) you don't have much time left, I will add my goodies to give you a taste (lilac, cause it's my favorite flower in the world, and this is exactly the time when it starts blooming), but there are 18 other creators waiting for you with amazing prizes as well, so if you haven't been there already run!!!! :)

!IT! - Lilac Passion 1 Gacha Image

!IT! - Lilac Passion 2 Gacha Image

!IT! - Lilac Passion 3 Gacha Image

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