Friday, September 4, 2015

# 23 - IT!'s 1st Anniversary

It's coming, yes, IT! will be 1 year old by tomorrow, 5th of September, believe it or not, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around this. :)

It took 6 moves and multiple changes, I can't count the hunts or events right now, though I remember them good, but I know that after all sorts of bumps on the road, and closed doors, helping hands and unexpected chances, and amazing friendships, in an interesting tangle of fun, struggle, stubbornness, both satisfactions and frustrations, not to mention hard work ...well, IT! managed to survive and grew stronger and stronger, fed with my time and nerves, tons of cappuccino, plus your unconditional support for which I THANK YOU so much my friends, my customers, my bloggers, my troublemakers, all of you who contributed in one way or another to what IT! is today, and will never be able to express enough my gratitude for what you did.

Part of that gratitude goes to my group members, who will be "bribed" for their love with 12 gifts, one for each past month, hope you will enjoy them! :)

And speaking of the group, in the past few weeks I kept reminding you that 5th of September also means group joining fee going up, and plenty of surprises to make it worth it! If you are not a member and plan on it, now would be a good time to become an "Irresistible Teaser", join the colorful side, IT! has precious precious :D.

For the "non-believers" IT! will offer the 12 prizes in a hunt, as you can see next:

This hunt will be covered by HuntSL and Seraphim, so no matter how you found out about it, here is the necessary info: 

Date: 5th to 30th September 2015
Prizes: 12 pieces
Price: 10L each
Hunt objects: Kawaii Balloons like the ones in the above image

Prizes preview coming soon.

Past group gifts are still available for group members, I will also add RLV scripts for those of you who request them for some of my products you purchased, as for hunts:

1. Kawaii Sweets hunt with three prizes in one: still going
 (15th of August to 28th of September)
Hint: Gacha!!!



Upcoming hunts:   enMESHed into Fall and a couple of big events soon. Still looking for bloggers, the applications are staying opened.

Plenty of reasons for you to drop by the store, so don't be a stranger, and have an awesome week-end!!!


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