Monday, September 14, 2015

# 24 IT!'s 1st Anniversary Gifts / Prizes

Hey lovelies, took me a few days to recover, but as promised, here are the previews of the gifts / prizes for IT!'s first Anniversary.

As I explained before, my group members will get the 2 sets in the images as group gifts while for non-group members they will be available till the end of September in the form of 12 hunt prizes for 10 L each, hidden in the kawaii balloons throughout the store.

For those who want to join IT! group and become an "Irresistible Teaser", the fee is 100L and will bring you the other past group gifts, and about one new gift every month, so join the colorful side, IT! has precious precious :D.

This hunt is covered by HuntSL and Seraphim, and here is the necessary info: 

Date: 5th to 30th September 2015
Prizes: 12 pieces
Price: 10L each
Hunt objects: Kawaii Balloons like the ones in the info poster


Luster Set: comes with a HUD in 6 colors, 3of them are IT!'s special edition, in store's colors, all mesh and resizable and it contains:

- Luster Rings L & R
- Luster Earrings L & R
- Luster Bracelets L & R
- Luster Necklace

Enchanted Roses Set: is mesh, materials enabled, comes in 2 versions: platinum and brass, with a HUD for resizing and changing the colors of the roses in 35 options, and contains:

- Enchanted Roses Back
- Enchanted Roses Adornment (2 versions – worn on the hair, but you can add them anywhere else)
- Enchanted Roses Earrings L & R
- Enchanted Roses Necklace Short
- Enchanted Roses Necklace Long
- Enchanted Roses Headpiece 1
- Enchanted Roses Headpiece 2
- Enchanted Roses Headpiece 3



I will also add RLV scripts for those of you who request them for some of my products you purchased, just send me a notecard with exactly what you want.

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