Tuesday, October 13, 2015

# 37 - IT! @ Color Me Project

IT! @ Color Me Project will be a blue & orange extravaganza, hope you will enjoy it.

For those of you who want to know a bit about this bi-monthly event, the rounds (gathering exclusive and/or discounted products from over 20 different creators) start on 10th & 25th of each month with a different color theme, and last for 10 days, this round the theme is blue & orange. The discounts can go from 25% up to 75% off, just check the tags displayed.

Here's what I prepared for it, all are 50% off:

!IT! - Arabesque Set 9 CMP Image

!IT! - Enchanted Roses Bracelets 6 CMP Image

!IT! - Luster Set 8 CMP Image

!IT! - Millionaire Pearls Necklace 7 CMP Image

!IT! - Gitana Necklace 4 Image

!IT! - Gitana Necklace 5 Image

!IT! - Gitana Necklace 11 Image

!IT! - Gitana Necklace 12 Image

!IT! - Gitana Necklace 13 Image

There's always a gift, you just need to add CMP Group in order to get the group gift, joining is free.

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