Wednesday, October 28, 2015

# 43 IT! @ The Boho Culture Fair 2015

Another great event I'm honored to be part of, in a way it's like half the circle is complete (colorful, bizarre and boho checked, classy, sexy and kawaii remaining). So many things are tying me down to boho culture, yet in Second Life I feel like I wasn't quite prepared to explore it properly this time. That is how beginnings are: fun, surprising, catching us half ready to jump into the new adventure. :)

There's plenty of things worth seeing, trying, buying and catching in pictures, around 100 designers lined up for this edition, including a great friend of mine, you can fully exploit your gacha addiction, get amazing offers from the piles of boxes scattered all over the place, enjoy exclusive items and gifts from the stores, or even group gifts at the landing point, you have time till 2nd of November, not too many days left, so make sure you won't miss it!

I got a few images with my exclusive, and the store in here, but you can look up for my boxes (50% off) and 9 gachas too all around the sim.

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!IT! - Ix Chel Set Image

IT! @ Boho Fair 1

IT! @ Boho Fair 2

IT! @ Boho Fair 3

IT! @ Boho Fair 4

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