Tuesday, October 27, 2015

# 42 - IT! @ The Mad Circus Halloween & Gacha Fair

I used to be a hunts addict, visiting location after location, trying to find as fast as possible prizes well hidden, quite a challenge considering how bad my computer was, but so much fun to do this. Some of those hunts were named "Evil Bunny", and last year when IT! became a reality I joined myself a few, as a creator this time. All along I kept hearing how skillful Ms. Allie Munro is in organizing and managing events, and I could experience a bit of that in practice during her hunts, so as soon as I saw she's going to start a fair I signed up (and brought a few friends with me - Kay & Tymp), and I'm glad I did it. Lady, whatever you're organizing in the future please sign me up for it! :D

In translation IT!'s first big fair, first round of gachas, and first encounter with the circus is TMC, described as "not your typical Halloween theme - the theme of the event is Halloween, dark, twisted, Alice in Wonderland, circus bizarre", an amazing event (I just love its theme), with a great team behind it, who made everything run smoothly for both designers (72 of us) and visitors, a place you should visit if you haven't already, if not for the multitude of gacha machines, the variety of designers, the surprising products (some of them exclusives) or the wonderful surroundings, at least for each gift you can grab from the stores, yes, they all have one!

The fair is divided in 2 sides, and covers a large area, so plenty of things to see, not to mention the circus stays in town just a few more days, so hurry up!

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I have quite a few images with my store there below, there are 9 of my gachas scattered all over the place too that won't show up in here, but first IT!'s exclusive item:









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