Thursday, December 3, 2015

# 48 Video blogging

Due to a very hectic schedule and a few computer problems I skipped again updating this blog, even if IT! was involved meanwhile in a couple of rounds of Color Me Project, Designer Circle, Gacha Good Events (Bounty of the Harvest) and each week in the 3 weekly sales you're already familiar with.

Mea culpa, there will be plenty of events in December to enjoy, and I will keep you updated, I promise, but first I'm going to pay credits to someone: Daphne Rose.

I love my bloggers, I appreciate their work, I wouldn't have the time and patience to blog myself - this part is painfully visible already,  but unlike anyone else she surprised me with something I never even thought about: video reviews with quite a tutorial HUDs related, so that is why my dear customers and creators, besides my endless gratitude, she had my vote for The Avi Choice Awards - Favorite Media Source. I added below an example, but you should reap the fruits of her labor and skills and check all of them:

Daphne Rose's Vlog , Blog ,  and Flickr

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