Wednesday, December 9, 2015

# 54 - IT! @ Naughty or Nice Event

I will start by giving you the heads up: this post is going to have me ranting like never, and as expected I will bring arguments, so here we go.

Many of my decisions are based on my experience as customer, creator or hunter, therefore when Nail It Good announced a fair I signed up for it gladly, and to my regret I brought my 2 close friends to it too. Why to my regret? Because based on the awesome hunts we've been participating to from these organizers I expected the best. The event had all necessary ingredients to succeed, yet it failed from the beginning.

I'll start with the bad part, so that you'll have the good one to look forward to, and I will tell here only from my perspective/experience with it: the management and communication lack, advertisement is almost non-existent, and all the weight was left on participating creators. A few arguments for last part? Sure: there are no bloggers for the event that I know of, each creator was left on his/her own, IT! is a sponsor, of course you won't be able to see this due to the fact that it doesn't show anywhere, the organizers ignored my messages, and the position IT! ended up in is worse than those of non-sponsors who applied after me, and I usually don't fuss over these things, it is their first edition, and I would have been more understanding, events are a pain to organize, there are always some hiccups, but I expected at least seeing them try to make it work, instead the organizers were too busy with the Avi Choice Awards to be bothered.

The good part: it had a very low participation fee, over all the place looks lovely, like a true winter fair, you might enjoy bringing your friends even for a few pictures, it started on the 1st of December and it will last until the 15th of December, it gathers great creators who put a lot of work into this, you might recognize many of the names from the participating stores, there are plenty of exclusives, discounts, gifts, even a few gachas, so it's worth visiting, plus there's a hunt with the exact same name and organizers going on, a bit confusing, I know, but I bet you will enjoy both, I'll add my exclusive for this annual Christmas event below, and later a few more pictures to convince you come see it, help us turn it into a great experience for all. :)

!IT! - Starry Night Set Image





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