Tuesday, December 8, 2015

# 53 - IT! @ Bogart's Jazz Club & Shops

For the 2nd time from its existence and ever since last fall IT! can be found at Bogart's Jazz Club & Shops, and as usual there's more than one good reason behind this.

I must admit I'm not easily impressed by a huge traffic, especially if the position is not that great, and the target is not exactly having a commercial purpose, plus I have a bad experience with fancy expensive places where people come to dance, and if they happen to feel the urge to buy something they will go straight to well established brands rather than give the newbie a chance, even for a low price. No, I am not a pessimist, rather an extremely pragmatic woman who doesn't see any value in vanity, misplaced pride, or fame, therefore it took my friend Bonnie (for whom that location is an ever-blooming business) quite some time to convince me to jump again into something like this and take one of her spots - thank you Bonnie!!!

My pragmatism went south when I remembered a special date: 12th of December, the day we will celebrate the great Frank Sinatra's 100th birth anniversary, and there's no better place to honor him than any of the Frank's locations, Bogart's being the 3rd one ever made, so at least till the beginning of next year IT! will be found here too, then it's up to you if I'll keep it or not. I took a few pictures with the store there, I'll update the vendors as often as possible, but please keep in mind that date wherever you are and show your stylish self for the occasion, like a true rat-pack member :)








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