Saturday, July 16, 2016

# 169 - 60L Weekends Discounts

Hi, lovelies, I know everyone is dying to get into the Hair Fair right now so I'll make it short: there are just a few hours left till midnight today for this round of discounts, and you can get if you haven't already for 60L each like usual, these 3 sets from the Laudine collection, former exclusives for Swank. Hurry up before they get switched with the new round!!!

60L Weekends - starting each Saturday up to Sunday midnight, hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, there's a special list with full permission items as well, there's always something for each of us, and to such low price!

!IT! - Laudine Set 1 Image

!IT! - Laudine Set 2 Image

!IT! - Laudine Set 3 Image

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