Thursday, July 21, 2016

# 171 - 60L Discounts & Important News

Hi beauties, I promised you last time another surprise, and even if still under construction, therefore not officially opened yet, IT! has two more locations, both on the naughty side, cause IT! grew fast in the last past year, and it was about time to take a step to maturity and offer you all those little guilty pleasures from the adult side. The plan was to be just one location, I had a hard time deciding which is the best due to the lack of options in the past, but all of a sudden two great locations became available, both those kind of offers one cannot refuse, so now:

IT! Gets Naughty in a beautiful location shared with my lovely friends: Lex from LX Essentials who owns the place and invited me in, and Tympany from Mutiny In Heaven (MIH) who teamed up with Lex for quite some time, which means either you are into original fitted mesh for your mesh bodies, or appliers, shoes and hair for a very unique style you're in good hands.

IT! Got Naughty in a very friendly and chatty neighborhood I am just starting to get acquainted with, hosted by Sass, LittleFish, PKC and Kandyland, and shared (wall to wall) with my awesome friend Kay from Lushish Catz whose well known sexiness inspires most of my present and future naughty goodies you will start finding from now on in these new locations.

Please keep in mind I won't be able to show you here the mature/adult products, but I will add links to flickr instead, so scroll down to them.

That being said, for this round of My 60L secret Sales, till 21st of July midnight, discounted at only 60L each, you have 3 pieces in each location as follows: last 3 out of a six versions collection called Morning Dew are your regular discounts in the main store, the first 3 pieces of Bloombustic collection are located at IT! Gets Naughty, and the last 3 from the same collection are to be found at IT! Got Naughty, with the exception that all 6 will still remain 60 L for one more week afterwards, as an exception for being started, until you get more used to the new places.

My 60L secret Sales - starting each Friday up to next Monday midnight, hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, you have just a few days, so better be quick to grab those goodies! This time till 21st of July midnight:

!IT! - Morning Dew Set 6 Image

!IT! - Morning Dew Set 5 Image

!IT! - Morning Dew Set 3 Image

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