Saturday, July 23, 2016

# 173 - IT! @ Designer Circle Round 134

Last day at the 134th round at Designer Circle as you got used to already, brings you high quality summery goodies at low prices from many creators, names you probably know by heart by now.

IT! offers as per your request for a few months already 6 options of an exclusive pair of Seraphim Wings, part of the same collection with the previous Seraphim collar, and at a discounted price, so you have time till 23rd of July to decide which of them you just have to have.

Like the last time IT! is located in the center of the D area as usual, the place was redecorated and I bet you will love it

For whom doesn't know yet Designer Circle is a great bi-weekly event setting trends in Second Life through its 50 creators gathered each round with the best offers: all products are new, exclusive, and under 200 L, it just can't get any better, right? The saleroom for fashion, accessories and decorative items in general is divided into 4 areas presented each time on the blog and covered by Seraphim
Here are additional links and info you might want to check, I'll add a few pictures below too.

SLurl: Bay/149/138/23
Facebook page:
Facebook Group:
Seraphim :

The pieces for this round, all exclusives of 120L each:

!IT! - Seraphim Wings 4 Image

!IT! - Seraphim Wings 5 Image

!IT! - Seraphim Wings 6 Image

!IT! - Seraphim Wings 2 Image

!IT! - Seraphim Wings 3 Image

!IT! - Seraphim Wings 1 Image

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