Friday, August 14, 2015

# 11

Last but not least the 2nd part of the weekly sales: a few new releases and discounts for the 60 L round, hope you will like them cause there will be more of the same type soon :

My 60L secret Sales - starting each Friday up to next Monday midnight, hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, you have just a few days, so better be quick to grab those goodies! This time till 17 of August midnight:


Don't forget to send me a blogger application if you are interested, here are the requirements:

*** I expect you to have graphic knowledge, I encourage editing the pictures, but i prefer less or total lack of editing for the products. 

** i have nothing against a generous cleavage, but big butts, gaps between the legs, heavy accessorized outfits are not going to help. Yes, fantasy avis are welcomed, originality is encouraged

* Quality over quantity - I need one up to three pictures per week, but if you are that good at what you are doing, and your time is limited, even one picture a month will be accepted.

For those interested please make a notecard with the following title  Blogger Application - (your name) and send it to me (Aneanu Resident) or drop it in the mailbox from the store counter, after you fill in the following:
Blogger Form Application

Calling card:




Feeds (please list below as many as you have):



Experience: (tell me a bit about who you worked/are working with/for, when did you start blogging, how often can you add an entry)


Thank you for your interest !

Have an amazing weekend my lovelies!


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