Friday, August 14, 2015

# 9

After a real tour de force IT! changed location and even the actual store, and I shall cover this subject in another post as soon as I take a few pictures, let's just hope it won't happen again lol.

That was the reason why I skipped another week, but it was worth it, you are all invited to the bigger and better IT! at the new location, just grab a coffee from the counter, check the weekly discounts and new goodies, and if you are a group member take the gift for this month.

If not yet a member, now would be the time to join and claim the past gifts, because next month IT! will be one year old, which translates into 2 things: 

- a set of surprises coming your way, and 
- the cost of group joining will go up.

As for the weekly discounts, new goodies, and the gift for this month I was talking about, here they are:

Group gift:


1. Fashion Play started  with 2 hunt objects to look for
(1st of August to 31st of August)

For her

For him

Upcoming huntsKawaii Sweets hunt coming soon plus enMESHed into Fall.

Weekly Sales: from now on I will add them separately for organizing the blog better, they will follow next.


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