Friday, August 21, 2015

# 14

It's that time of the week when everything changes, and IT! comes with fresh offers, hunts are still going, gifts are waiting for you, and speaking of gifts I have a new surprise:

This new gift is free to grab, no group needed,  and it's the reward made to "honor" that particular nobody who showed "special qualities" we can't really forget ...or forgive :)

You can take this gift and transfer it to the "lucky winner".

Enjoy the sweet taste of revenge!:D

Also please don't forget,  next month IT! will be one year old, which means: 

- a set of surprises coming your way, and 
- the cost of group joining will go up.

You can join today if you haven't yet to grab the gift for this month plus past ones:

Group gift:


1. Kawaii Sweets hunt with three prizes in one:
 (15th of August to 28th of September)
Hint: Gacha!!!



2. Fashion Play  with 2 hunt objects to look for
(1st of August to 31st of August)

For her

For him

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