Friday, August 14, 2015

# 12

IT! has a new home, as you could already see, and there are a few "culprits" I need to send thanks to as it goes:

- Kay who is my personal guru, a major influence in my second life, always sharing her experience,explaining things to me, gently pushing me to the right direction forward, the big reason why I started making jewelry in the first place instead of anything else. This time she came with the idea and the place, we're practically neighbors now, therefore Kay I will "blame" you the most! :D

- Tympany who was always here for me when I needed her the most, I wish I will be able to return the favor one day, but the woman is remarkably balanced, not sure she will ever need my support :) In this occasion she made the transition smoother by helping me get the new building in time instead of moving things around twice for the same purpose, and that makes her the next "guilty party" on my list :)

- Bonnie who is an amazing friend from my day one on second life, always ready to help even those who don't deserve her kindness, making me think every time how lucky I was to meet her at the right time, how close I was to drop everything and leave, but she made me feel like home,therefore I stuck around. She keeps coping at daily basis with my cocktail of excitements and frustrations, from changing my computer to changing my everything in the end, that is why she made it to this list :)

- Parthenia, my former landlady who put up with my constant hunger for prims, and the little menagerie in front of the former store (yes we LOVE cats and horses :D), and also understood my rushed move to a commercial location, rather than the lovely roleplay one she rented to me, and yes,  we are still friends despite of that, part that I really appreciate.

a BIG THANK YOU ladies!!!!!

Here are the pictures of the new store/location:

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