Saturday, August 29, 2015

# 17

Hi lovelies, this week didn't spare any of us of adventures, so long story short I will only remind you about the hunts and group gifts (end of the month means soon some prizes will no longer be available, so hurry up), and about the big deadline - IT!'s 1 year anniversary on 5th of September, that means group joining fee going up, and plenty of surprises to make it worth it! If you are not a member and plan on it, now would be a good time to become an "Irresistible Teaser", join the colorful side, IT! has precious precious :D.

As for the weekly sales: septums aside finally (thank god, right?) the latest releases and discounts for various events / sales, for the 45 L round, as follows:

45 Linden Sales - every Thursday up to next week's midnight Wednesday another round with brand new offers. You can hit the inworld subscriber for the full list of participating creators and offered products, please keep in mind some will give discounts for Thursday's only. Till 2nd of September midnight :

The rest of the collection at full price:

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